Enrolling in Professional Dog Training

Enrolling in Professional Dog Training

As many of you know, Kolani and I are proud dog parents of, now two, ridiculously adorable pups Archer and Ava. Before we got Archer, we were already contemplating hiring some help to train Ava. She’s a great dog but has a couple of issues that we wanted corrected. We decided that since we had Archer now and since we were both home, this would be the perfect time to train both the dogs at the same time.

all dressed up for Easter.

We hesitated at first, because this is definitely an investment but it’ll honestly be worth it. We had a trainer come over and talked to him about Ava. She’s a little uneasy about kids, can be food/toy possessive and is mildly aggressive. Ava is always fine with Kolani and I or people she knows but if she’s in a situation with strangers or she’s unsure, you see a different side of her.

My sister highly recommended this dog trainer, and I took her word for it because she has the the best behaved pups I have ever seen. We talked with the trainer for almost an hour and half and learned a LOT about dog psychology and what led Ava to inappropriate behaviors.

Once we decided we were officially doing this, we signed a contract and prepared ourselves for the upcoming 5 week training course. We had the option of starting training earlier, but Kolani is having surgery again soon and Archer will be getting his second vet check up here to finish his vaccinations.

With those two obstacles, we will begin training in early May and finish in early June. I know it’s going to be hard work but I’m looking forward to see our pups become incredibly well trained! I’ll share more updates during and course after all the training is done.

I know a lot of people contemplate training so I think this will be a great way to get an inside look of the process.


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