Fashion Industry Essentials Webinar Recap

Fashion Industry Essentials Webinar Recap

This past month I hosted two webinars with Yellowbrick regarding the Fashion Industry Essentials course. I went over the basics such as what the course covers, a breakdown of each module and how this course will help you get a career in the industry.

The Fashion Industry Essentials course is an introduction to various career fields of the fashion industry. The course contains 5 modules including: Unlocking Visual Style, Thinking Like a Designer, Understanding Fashion Production, Working in Fashion Media and Developing Fashion Marketing and PR Skills.

The course can be taken by anyone 13 years and older for people who are interested in the fashion industry but don’t really know where to start. It’s a great introductory course for people who want to see what available career paths there are for them in the industry.

You’ll learn from a variety of instructors such as Elaine Welteroth, Phillip Pacardi, Rebecca Minkoff and Brandon Maxwell. It’s great insight from people who are currently in the industry so students can get a better feel for what to expect.

If you want to learn more about this program, click the link to get a sneak peek of the program: http://bit.ly/Chloe_FIE

I’m hoping to do more webinars in the near future, so be sure to follow along on the blog for updates.


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