Reasons Why I Love Neutral Clothing

Reasons Why I Love Neutral Clothing

You all know how much I love neutral clothing, it’s basically the majority of my capsule wardrobe. There are many reasons why I’ve grown to love neutrals so much. In this post I’m listing my top reasons for creating and swearing by a neutral wardrobe.

1. Neutrals are interchangeable

Nearly any neutral goes with another, making it easy to create endless outfits with little effort.

2. It’s an easy way to look expensive

It’s been said by many stylists that wearing neutrals is a simple way to look wealthier. Imagine wearing a cream colored sweater with a satin skirt, or a black silk blouse with black trousers.

3. Less is more

Because these colors are so easy to mix and match, you don’t have to buy multiple different pieces.

4. The colors are flattering on anyone

Seriously, who looks bad in black, white, tan, cream, gray or other pastel colors? Dressing in neutrals makes it easy to get dressed and style outfits. Classic colors are classic for a reason.

5. They can be worn anytime of the year

Want to wear that cream colored sweater and skirt on a fall day? Easily modify it for spring weather by swapping out one of the pieces to compliment the weather change. Otherwise, neutrals can be worn any time of the year! Think about how in autumn when we focus on darker hues like burgundy, orange, or a dark olive. Neutrals are fantastic.


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  1. Neutrals are my favourite ❤. They’re so versatile something i love everything in my life to be. This was an amazing post

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