Until Seattle Book Update

I have some exciting news for this post, so get ready!

I now have copies of my book, Until Seattle available here on my blog! Currently, I only have one copy of my book left. I had ordered a limited quantity to see how they would sell and I ended up selling them quicker than I had anticipated.

If the books do sell out by the time this post publishes, don’t worry! I will have more copies up soon.

It’s been exciting and scary to say the least. Like it’s thrilling to have my book out there in the world, but it’s also slightly terrifying because I know there will be trolls out there who won’t particularly care for it or just try to be mean and drag the story. But I’m hoping that my sense of pride will make that possible negativity irrelevant.

I want to thank you all in advance for your sweet words, encouragement and support. I have wanted to be a published author my whole life so publishing this book is a dream come true.


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