Towel Closet Organization

Towel Closet Organization

I’ve been making weekly goals to organize random parts of the house to be more tidy and last week I decided to tackle the towel closet in our hallway. We use it to store towels, blankets, sheets and rags. It was getting ridiculously cluttered so I put my foot down, grabbed my keys, and headed to to the store to get some storage bins.

I already had the idea of metal wired storage bins in my head and I had a pretty good idea of how I was going to organize things on the shelves in the closet. Below is a picture of how the closet looked before (embarrassing, I know).

Gross, cluttered and just yuck.

I’m not sure what it is, but wired baskets have a certain aesthetic that make everything look extra put together.

I love how therapeutic organizing is too. I always feel so productive when I’ve accomplished something as satisfying as organizing a frequently used space in our home.

I think the closet looks so much better now too, almost like organized chaos or something. Either way, it’s definitely an improvement from before.

I got six of these baskets: https://goto.target.com/oeNX5O

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