FBE: Course Two Review | Fashion Production

FBE: Course Two Review | Fashion Production

In a recent post, I told you all about the new Fashion Business Essentials course by Parsons x WWD. I’m so excited to be included on the advisory panel for this course so I’m able to see the course firsthand and tell you how it’s going!

In the second course, the program focused on Managing Fashion Production. Man oh man, was this course packed with information. I always jot down notes along with my lessons to look back on anyway, but I was especially grateful for my notes during this course.

I learned about so many trading agreements, most of which I’d never heard of before. Since the course focus was Managing Fashion Production, a big part of the outline for course two was how source supplies ethically from other countries.

So far, it seems that this program is really focusing on how much the fashion industry has changed in terms of sourcing items. Customers nowadays are very curious about where their clothes are coming from and how it’s sourced.

And because of this, some brands are forced to change their value or mission statements in order to continue their appeal to customers.

Check out the Fashion Business Essentials course here: http://bit.ly/FBE_Chloe

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