Weight Loss Update Part Seven

Weight Loss Update Part Seven

I’m actually pretty excited about today’s weight loss update, but probably not for the reason you think. I’ve been pretty open here on the blog about my weight loss goals, the journey, and all that stuff. But today, I want to dive a little deeper and tell about something exciting that I’m starting.

First of all, no, I haven’t lost any weight yet. In fact, I haven’t weighed myself at home in quite a few weeks. However, I recently had a doctor’s appointment, which led to the inevitable stepping on the scale and documenting my weight.

I saw the numbers flash before my eyes and felt disappointed because it was heavier then the weight I was at when I last weighed myself. I also looked back to the last time I was at the doctor, and noticed the difference in my weight between just a couple of years.

Now, honestly, I don’t feel “fat”. I never really have. I feel fuller, and curvier but not “fat”. I know 100% that I’ve gained weight since I’ve moved up here to Washington 5 years ago. And I have mixed feeling about it, honestly.

When I think about losing weight, there isn’t a perfect number I’m trying to get to or necessarily a specific look. I think my main goal is just to slim down and tone up a bit, which brings me to my next point.

Kolani and I have gotten a gym membership, and on top of that I will be doing personal training once a week. We had been talking about it for a while, and thought that with our wedding coming up, it would be nice to get fit and toned before the big day.

I’ve never had a personal trainer before, so I don’t really know what to expect but I’m actually really looking forward to the experience! I think being able to communicate with her and tell her exactly what my goals are and get feed back and nutrition tips will help me immensely.

I know I’m lucky to be able to do personal training so I’m especially grateful for that as well.

I’ll do another post soon about me progress, I can’t wait to see how my body transforms! I’m feeling very optimistic and that excites me.

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