Books By Me

Chloe Maison

Until Seattle, Book 1

Until Seattle follows struggling twenty something Courtney Rowe. She’s lived comfortably in a dead end retail job, waiting for her big break to happen, although she’s not exactly sure what that is for her. With the help of her closest friends Madison and Charlie and a new love interest Oliver, she’s about to find how she can turn comfort to confidence and live the life she’s always wanted.

Still Blooming, Book 2

The sequel to Until Seattle follows the continuing story of Courtney Rowe and her never ending route to adulthood. While she grows into new territory, she discovers more about herself-which may mean a change of scenery and letting some go.

Call Me When the Leaves Turn Red, Book 3

In the final book of the Until Seattle trilogy, Courtney Rowe returns to Arlow 5 years later. Although it doesn’t seem like much can change in a little town, Courtney has plenty of surprises waiting for her when she returns home.

Maybe I’m a Poet

Chloe Maison reflects on experiences of life and love through the eyes of a late twenty something in this debut collection of poetry.