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Photo Diaries

Photo Diary Day 1: Pikes Place, Wa.

Hello! I am going to be doing a few photo diaries to share all the wonderful photos I have taken of Washington and its glorious cities that I have visited this time such as: Edmonds, Lynwood, Alderwood, Seattle, Forks, La Push, Snoqualmie and Queen Anne. My first photo diary is of one of my favorite …

Ranting & Raving


I enter the smallest airport, and once again, at the same airport, I’m randomly selected to get a pat down. Is it because I’m gloriously tan? Can’t help it, no need to get physical. I’m sitting, waiting for a flight that’s already been delayed twice. I’ve made uncomfortable eye contact with strangers, I’ve already tried …



May 1st, 2016- Tess Hi! I’m Tess Levin, 20 years old, and I am still a student. I go to University of Southern California (Fight On!) and I am studying Marketing and Psychology. Why do you think women judge each other so harshly? That’s honestly a great question. I think that society has wrongly taught …

Ranting & Raving


People are nasty. Not all of them, don’t get me wrong. But others-wow. They’re rude, senseless, nosy and try to bring you down. I’m a pretty sensitive person so it’s hard not to let hurtful words get to me. What you have to realize is, half of this cruelty is happening indirectly, via Internet or …