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Lainey and her older sister Margaret are doing their best to live a normal life after the tragic sudden death of their parents. Margaret tackles the new role of a parental guardian while Lainey is trying to survive the last couple years of high school. Life had become slightly dull but routine. Then Lainey meets Theo Charles, a good looking bad boy who loves reading and getting Lainey into all sorts of minor trouble. Everything seems to be going well, until Lainey learns that Theo might have had a part in her parents untimely death. Did Theo actually have a part in their death? Will Lainey and Theo be able to move past this?

1 review for Hold the Foam Signed Copy

  1. Laurie Salazar (verified owner)

    Well this was a delightful read! I thoroughly enjoyed the witty characters. Very smart and funny. It ended all too quickly! Chloe Maison is an author that always brings a good story to her many fans

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